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      Sastav i struktura zajednica cikada u usevima kukuruza u južnom Banatu [1]
      Screening for copper and antibiotic resistance in Erwinia amylovora population from Serbia [1]
      Screening of antagonistic activity of microorganisms against Colletotrichum acutatum and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides [1]
      Sectorial resistance of plum to sharka (Plum Pox Virus) [1]
      Seed germination of five weed species under different temperatures and light conditions [1]
      Seed Quality of Vetch (Vicia sativa) affected by Different Seed Colors and Sizes after Various Storage Periods [1]
      Seed yield of red fescue (Festuca rubra L.) and correlation dependence with yield components and seed quality [1]
      Sektorijalna otpornost šljive na šarku (virus šarke šljive) [1]
      Selection and RAPD analysis of Pseudomonas ssp. isolates able to improve biological viability of potato seed tubers [1]
      Selection of indigenous fluorescent pseudomonad isolates from maize rhizospheric soil in Vojvodina as possible PGPR [1]
      Selekcija i RAPD analiza izolata Pseudomonas spp. koji poboljšavaju biološku sposobnost krtola krompira [1]
      Sensitivity of Cercospora beticola isolates to carbendazime and flutriafol in Serbia [1]
      Short-time effects of the herbicide nicosulfuron on the biochemical activity of Chernozem soil [1]
      Similarities and differences in molecular pattern of ITS region of some Globodera rostochiensis populations [1]
      Sličnosti i razlike u molekularnom paternu ITS regiona nekih Globodera rostochiensis populacija [1]
      Sorbus domestica and s. Torminalis - new hosts of Ewinia amylovora in Serbia [1]
      Sorbus domestica i s. Torminalis novi domaćini Ewinia amylovora u Srbiji [1]
      Sorbus sp - New host of Erwinia amylovora in Serbia [1]
      Sowing crops and treating wheat in the Republic of Serbia in 2005/2006 [1]
      Stability of morphological traits of maize seed under different production conditions [1]