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      Harmfulness and control of western corn rootworm [1]
      Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in Serbia: its presence on aphid-infested plants and co-occurrence with native aphidophagous coccinellids [1]
      Health testing different genotypes alfalfa seeds [1]
      Heterodera avenae and H. filipjevi: Two Representatives of CCN Complex as Parasites of Wheat and Barley–Recent Advancements [1]
      Heterodera filipjevi - fitoparazitna nematoda useva pšenice [1]
      Heterodera filipjevi: Phytoparasitic nematode of wheat crops [1]
      High genetic diversity of ‘Candidatus phytoplasma solani’ infecting pepper in Serbia [1]
      Histološka analiza peteljke ploda paradajza u toku ontogeneze kao doprinos razumevanju uticaja suše na razvoj i karakteristike ploda [1]
      Hlor-dioksid kao dezinficijens za kontrolu Ralstonia solanacearum u vodi, skladištu i opremi [1]
      Hlorofil kao indikator reakcije biljaka na herbicide [1]
      Hlorofil kao merilo zdravlja biljaka - agroekološki aspekti [1]
      Host-associated genetic differentiation in a seed parasitic weevil Rhinusa antirrhini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data [1]
      Host-associated genetic divergence and taxonomy in the Rhinusa pilosa Gyllenhal species complex: an integrative approach [1]
      Hosts of stolbur phytoplasmas in maize redness affected fields [1]
      How Do Long Term Crop Rotations Influence Weed Populations: Exploring the Impacts of More than 50 Years of Crop Management in Serbia [1]
      Hygiene of smoked goat ham production [1]
      Identification and characterization of Agrobacterium spp. isolated from apricot in Serbia [1]
      Identification and characterization of Dickeya zeae strains associated with maize stalk soft-rot in northern Serbia [1]
      Identification and characterization of peach pathogen Pseudomonas syringae [1]
      Identification and Differentiation of Erwinia amylovora Using Fatty Acid Analysis and BIOLOG [1]