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      Taksonomski diverzitet gljivica povezanih sa nekim populacijama CNK iz Srbije [1]
      Talaromyces minioluteus: New Postharvest Fungal Pathogen in Serbia [1]
      Taxonomic diversity of fungi associated with some PCN populations from Serbia [1]
      Tehnologija proizvodnje semena esparzete [1]
      Temperature effects on common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.) seed germination [1]
      Temperature effects on Cuscuta campestris Yunk. seed germination [1]
      Testing possibilities for chemical control of Iva xanthifolia in soybean [1]
      Testiranje rezistentnosti Lolium rigidum Gaudin na glifosat [1]
      The "potato road" and biogeographic history of potato cyst nematode populations from different continents [1]
      The application of mesotrione in combination with terbuthylazine, nicosulfuron and S-metolachlor in maize [1]
      The basic characteristics of forecasting and control of apple scab [1]
      The begginings of Pistia stratiotes (Linnaeus, 1753) invasion in the lower Danube delta: The first record for the Province of Vojvodina (Serbia) [1]
      The biodiversity of the fungi parasiting weeds in Serbia [1]
      The changes in seed quality of selected pepper varieties in three years [1]
      The contemporary records of aquatic plants invasion through the Danubian floodplain corridor in Serbia [1]
      The correlation between colony strength, food supply and honey yield in honey bee colonies [1]
      The description and molecular phylogenetic position of a new conifer-associated mite, Setoptus tsugivagus n. sp. (Eriophyoidea, Phytoptidae, Nalepellinae) [1]
      The digital database of aquatic and semiaquatic vegetation in Serbia [1]
      The distribution of weeds in natural alfalfa seeds [1]
      The effect of 1-pentadecene on Tribolium castaneum behaviour: Repellent or attractant? [1]