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      Altitudinal effects on plant invasions in riparian areas of Serbia [1]
      Ambrosia trifida L.(Giant ragweed) [1]
      An overview of aquatic vegetation in Serbia [1]
      An Overview of the Emergence of Plant Pathogen ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ in Europe [1]
      Analiza masnih kiselina sojeva Erwinia amylovora iz Srbije i Crne Gore [1]
      Analiza prinosa zrna i kvaliteta brašna nekih sorata ozime pšenice u proizvodnoj 2020. godini [1]
      Analysis of fresh and processed carrots and beets from organic and conventional production for the content of nutrients and antioxidant activity [1]
      Analysis of the process of alfalfa seed cleaning using seed processing equipment [1]
      Analysis of the weed flora of the anthropogenically modified shorelines of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal system [1]
      Anatomical Injury Induced by the Eriophyid Mite Aceria anthocoptes on the Leaves of Cirsium arvense [1]
      Answer of weed populations and crops to glyphosate [1]
      Antagonistic activity of indigenous pseudomonas eisolates against fusarium species isolated from anise [1]
      Antagonistic activity of indigenous Pseudomonas isolates against fusarium species isolated from anise [1]
      Antagonistic interactions between rhizobacteria and potato cyst nematodes [1]
      Antagonistic potential of lactobacillus plantarum against some postharvest pathogenic fungi [1]
      Antagonistička aktivnost bakterijskih izolata roda Bacillus prema Botrytis cinerea [1]
      Antagonističke interakcije rizobakterija i cistolikih nematoda krompira [1]
      Antibacterial activities of some Bacillus spp. and Trichoderma harzianum against phytopathogenic bacteria [1]
      Antifugalna aktivnost Pseudomonas chlororaphis Q 16 prema Sclerotinia sclerotiorum poreklom sa različitih lekovitih biljaka [1]
      Antifungal activities of different essential oils against anise seeds mycopopulations [1]