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      An overview of aquatic vegetation in Serbia [1]
      Anatomical Injury Induced by the Eriophyid Mite Aceria anthocoptes on the Leaves of Cirsium arvense [1]
      Answer of weed populations and crops to glyphosate [1]
      Antagonistic activity of indigenous pseudomonas eisolates against fusarium species isolated from anise [1]
      Antagonistic interactions between rhizobacteria and potato cyst nematodes [1]
      Antagonističke interakcije rizobakterija i cistolikih nematoda krompira [1]
      Antibacterial activities of some Bacillus spp. and Trichoderma harzianum against phytopathogenic bacteria [1]
      Antifungal activities of different essential oils against anise seeds mycopopulations [1]
      Antifungal activity and genetic diversity of selected Pseudomonas spp. from maize rhizosphere in Vojvodina [1]
      Antifungal activity of chitosan against Alternaria alternata and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides [1]
      Antifungal activity of indigenous bacillus sp. isolate Q3 against marshmallow mycobiota [1]
      Antifungal activity of indigenous rhizospheric isolates Pseudomonas spp. against Venturia inaequalis [1]
      Antifungal activity of plant essential oils and selected Pseudomonas strains against Phomopsis theicola [1]
      Antifungal activity of Pseudomonas chlororaphis Q16 against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum isolated from different medicinal plants [1]
      Antifungalana aktivnost biljnih etarskih ulja i odabranih sojeva Pseudomonas spp. na Phomopsis theicola [1]
      Antifungalna aktivnost autohtonih rizosfernih izolata Pseudomonas spp. prema Venturia inaequalis [1]
      Antifungalna aktivnost autohtonog izolata Bacillus sp. Q3 na mikopopulaciju belog sleza [1]
      Antifungalna aktivnost hitosana prema Alternaria alternata i Colletotrichum gloeosporoides [1]
      Antifungalna aktivnost i genetički diverzitet selektovanih Pseudomonas spp. iz rizosfere kukuruza u Vojvodini [1]
      Antifungalna aktivnost Pseudomonas chlororaphis Q16 prema Sclerotinia sclerotiorum poreklom sa različitih lekovitih biljaka [1]